Saturday 09/12/2017

                        6.30pm Teresa (A), Laurence (A), Hugh (A), Michael (RIP), and Carol (RD)                                   Boland

Sunday 10/12/2017

                        11.00am Joe & Kitty Maguire (A)

                                       Eileen Baker (A)

                                       John Rooney (A) 4th

6.30pm Richard Wilson (A) 11th

             William O’Connor (A) 3rd

Monday 11/12/2017

                        10.00am William Burke (A) 9th

                                        Special Intention

Tuesday 12/12/2017

                        10.00am Christopher Duffy (A)

                                       Mary Martin (RIP)

   Sheila Bernardi (A)

Wednesday 13/12/2017

                        10.00am Kay McCarthy (A)


Thursday 14/12/2017

10.00am Fagan Family

Friday 15/12/2017

                        10.00am Colm Reagan (RD)



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