The Parish Finance Committee receives requests for permission to hold collections outside the church from a variety of charitable organisations during the course of a year. The Committee is happy to receive such requests but organisations or societies should note the following:

  • The Archdiocese has authorised the St Vincent de Paul Society to hold monthly collections and in this parish this collection takes on the final weekend of each month.
  • Not all requests can be accommodated in any one year.
  • It would be the intention of the Committee to grant permission for one collection per quarter in addition to the St Vincent de Paul collection. This is to avoid parishioners being subject to excessive requests for contributions.
  • Permission to hold collections is always on a one off basis. This is to ensure that each charity has an opportunity to hold a collection.
  • Based on the number of requests received in any year the Committee will decide which charities to select in that year. All applications will be notified of the outcome of the selection.
  • Advance notice of collections will be included in the weekly parish bulletin.
  • A Garda Permit should always be obtained before any collection takes place.
  • All requests should be directed to the Parish Secretary in the first instance.