• Instructions for Pilgrims attending the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on 26th August 2018

* 6 x 50 seater coaches will depart from the 5 Glasnevin parishes for the Phoenix Park. Everyone who has booked a place will be assigned to a particular coach. Unless informed otherwise, please presume that the coach you are on will depart from Our Lady of Dolours church. Coaches will depart from each of the parishes at 9.00am. All the coaches will be going to the same coach car park and we will be together in the same corale in the Phoenix Park.

* If you have not already done so, please call in to the parish office or sacristy before Friday 17th August to pay for your place (€10 per adult, €5 per child). Your ticket for the Papal Mass will be given to you and the members of your family as you board the coach.                                                

* Remember that there will be a significant amount of walking and standing involved before we reach our corale in the Phoenix Park. (See the notices regarding same around the church)

* There are no seats available in the park, so remember to bring a collapsible chair or stool with you.                                                                                                                                      

* We will be on the go from 9.00am only returning to the parish at about 9.00pm, so remember to bring enough food and drinks to last you through the day. There will be water stations and some food outlets in the park, but they may be overwhelmed by the numbers, so better to come prepared.                                                                                                                     

* As we have no way of knowing accurately what combination of weather we may have on the day, please make sure to bring the following items with you:



Sunscreen                                                                                Rain gear                                                                                 Light jacket or cardigan                                                        Good walking footwear                                                             Food and drinks                                                        

Collapsible chair or stool                                                         Walking stick (if you use one)                                                   Any medication you may need during the day