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Summer Mass Schedule:

In order to facilitate the capacity of clergy within the Glasnevin Grouping to cover for one another during the holiday period:  there will be no 6.30pm Saturday evening vigil Mass in Our Lady of Dolours church throughout the months of July and August. Parishioners who regularly attend a Saturday evening Mass are invited to do so at St. Columba‚Äôs, Iona Road or Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road at 6.00pm on Saturdays, or at Our Mother of Divine Grace, Ballygall or Corpus Christi, Drumcondra at 6.30pm.

There will be a similarly reduced Mass schedule in some of the other parishes in the grouping.

Due to declining Mass attendance, the anticipated reduction of the numbers of clergy available, and the need for the parishes within the grouping to restructure the Mass schedule to better serve the grouping, it is possible that the dropping of the Saturday Vigil Mass at 6.30pm Mass in Our Lady of Dolours will be put on a permanent footing from September.

While we regret any inconvenience this may cause parishioners, we feel that decisions have to be made with a view to serving the interests of the Glasnevin Grouping as a whole.