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Timetable of 2020 Holy Week Ceremonies for Glasnevin Grouping 

 Please note that all the ceremonies will be broadcast via webcam from Ballygall church at unless otherwise indicated    


 Sat 4th April          6.30pm   Vigil for Palm Sunday with blessing of palms
Sun 5th April        11.00am   Mass for Palm Sunday with blessing of palms from Iona  Road Church 
Mon 6th  April      10.00am   Mass 
Tues 7th April      10.00am   Mass
Wed 8th April       10.00am   Mass                           

                             7.30pm    Holy Hour
Thurs 9th April     10.00am   Morning Prayer 

                              7.30pm    Mass of the Lord’s Supper followed by Watch and Pray vigil
Fri 10th April        10.00am   Morning Prayer                      

                            12 noon Stations of the Cross           

                             3.00pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion                           

                             7.30pm   Stations of the Cross

Sat 11th April      10.00am  Morning Prayer                           

                            7.30pm  Celebration of the Easter Vigil
Sun 12th April     11.00am  Mass for Easter Sunday from Iona Road church (
If you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone it is very easy to follow Mass via webcam. Just type in or click on the link above, which will direct you to the front page of the parish website. On the Iona Road website click on the webcam button on the left hand of the front page and that will connect you to the church. On the Ballygall website click on the Ballygall TV button at the top of the screen, and that will connect you.  For those without internet access, we have added a section to the newsletter with the times of the ceremonies for Holy Week which will be broadcast on RTE radio and television. Since parishioners are unable to attend the Holy Week ceremonies in person, there is an invitation this year to mark the different days of Holy Week in the home. It is suggested that families place a piece of greenery on their front door on Palm Sunday, that they create a sacred space at home and place a jug, bowl of water and towel in it to mark the symbolic washing of feet on Holy Thursday, place a cross or crucifix in it on Good Friday, and place a lighted candle in a front window of the house on Holy Saturday night.